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Shikon Icons

Square pixel islands under light-textured skies.

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Icons by rhye.

Hello and welcome to Shikon Icons, rhye's graphics community. New graphics posts crop up about weekly, so come back often, or watch the comm. Joining isn't necessary; nothing is locked.
.terms of usage
1. Comment when taking something. I use this to know what styles and subjects are popular.
2. Do not hotlink. Remember to save to own server.
3. Graphics should not be altered. Many can be customized if you ask.
4. Do not claim anything as your own. I hope this is an obvious rule.
5. Creditrhye or shikon_icons when taking icons, so people who like an icon can find their way back here.
6. Nominations make me the happiest person alive, not an exaggeration.
Affiliates & Affiliation.
Resource Credits.
Icontest Awards.
Request Dropbox.
Old Icon Archive.
Tutorial Request Dropbox.


Layout by haenbokcookie.
Fanart for header by yukipon.
Header by yours truly.

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