Bloody Jack Flint (rhye) wrote in shikon_icons,
Bloody Jack Flint

Index to Award Banners

Links to icon award banners are listed by community. I hope this will be less unwieldy than having them all on the same page, and will help to advertise some of these great contests and communities.

animeawards - Here

anne_challenge - Here

brkbck_chllnge - Here

hp_awards - Here

hp_stillness - Here

inu_stillness - Here

inuawards - Here

inukag_icontest - Here

inuyasha_lims - Here

isilme_stills - Here

kagome_stills - Here

kinematograph - Here

kouga_stills - Here

rumic_icontest - Here

sortedchallenge - Here

stockphotochall - Here

toon_icontest - Here

trekicontest - Here

twilight_ic - Here

wizard_icontest - Here

zelda_awards - Here

Misc Others

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