Bloody Jack Flint (rhye) wrote in shikon_icons,
Bloody Jack Flint


Wish to request a graphic? Post it here.

- I will make anything if possible: icon, header, colorbar, friends only banner, etc.
- Real life will affect the graphic's time to completion.
- Image (plus either a description or an example if you want something specific) is needed. If you want text, state it clearly.
- Comment & credit as usual.

You want a layout?

- I do customize layouts on occasion, using others' codes as a base.
- The more detailed and particular you are, the longer it will take.
- Layouts I've customized: hh_flourish, hh_stmungos, shikon_icons, vintageflame, nowweretwo, hh_order, pilgrimskiss, brokebackslash, pair_of_deuces, bcatjr, brkbck_chllnge, gryff_lions. You can always see what I'm working on now at shikon_layouts.
Tags: !requests
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